Otto Schumacher Snaffle Bridle

I purchased this snaffle dressage bridle five years ago at one of my favorite local tack shops. My horse had just turned three, had been backed, was coming off the natural hackamore and I wanted to treat myself to something nice as it had been a long time since I had been able to ride a “dressage horse.”

The cost of this bridle was about $400 WITHOUT reins or bit, so it’s very pricey. Add the reins, and you are looking at an additional $120. This bridle has a gorgeous padded nose band with a crank and padded chin strap. The nose band is also nice and wide. Unfortunately the browband did not come with any Swarovski crystals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice browband, but for the money a little bling would have been nice. (Today however I am sure they probably come with your choice of crystals or not.) The crown piece was also not padded.

The best thing about this bridle is the quality and craftsmanship of the leather. I have been using this bridle almost every day for five years, and it still looks amazing. I clean a lot of bridles, and I can feel the cheapness and stiffness of the leather in other bridles compared to mine. Not only that, but nothing is coming apart at the seams or buckles. It also fits my horse amazingly well, and because the leather is high quality and soft, it is more comfortable on my horse. I do clean this bridle after every use, or a least wipe it down to maintain its care. I also oil it with a high quality leather oil every few weeks.

There are several Otto Shumacher bridle models out there, and they are expensive, but you will get what you pay for in that they are very durable, look good for a very long time and seem to last forever.

Overall I rate this bridle a 4/5 only because it is quite expensive.

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