Pikeur Mondega full seat breeches Micro+2000

English breechesPikeur Mondega full seat Micro+2000

These are my favorite breeches I buy them online and at my local favorite tack store.

They fit like a glove.  They are made from a micro fiber that is light weight and comfortable.   The full seat is also made from a micro suede that is easy to wash, dry and care for.  The micro suede seat is perfectly designed to minimize rubs and irritations giving you full support and coverage for long extended use.

They come in a vast variety of colors and are always changing with the newest latest trends.

The Mondega model has a high waste that gives a nice silhouette in the saddle and hold everything in!  A the front there are two slany pockets perfect for gloves and sugar cubes and even your sell phone!

They have beautiful craftsmanship and design.  The Pikeur logo is scribed on every button and snap for that extra added touch.   Velcro closure around the ankle to keep them from riding up.  An elastic waste with belt loops suitable for a med to narrow belt are another nice touch. I wear mine everyday and they still wash up good as new.  The micro fiber is a huge bonus especially for show breeches as you can wash them at night and have them dry by the next morning in time to show.

They are also available in an array of colors from solid to plaid patterns and of course white for shows.

They are probably the most expensive breeches out on the market so are not for everyone.


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