Anky Dressage Show Jacket

Anky Dressage Jacket
Anky International Dressage Coat

I was at a horse show and was in need of a new show jacket so I decided to check out the mobile tack shops on the show grounds. I ended up finding this jacket at a kiosk and bought it.  I have yet to see it in any tack store in North America, but I am sure it can be ordered online.

I was in the middle of a show in the mid July and it was like 40 degrees.  My old wool jacket was not only hot but so rigid and inflexible.  I saw another rider wearing the Anky jacket and it looked so nice on her I decided I had to have it.  Luckily the lady who was selling the Anky stuff in the kiosk had ordered it in for someone else and it didn’t fit!  Imagine my luck.  First of all it is made for a micro stretch fabric which is totally wickable, breathable and light.  So even on the hottest day it doesn’t feel like you’re in a straight jacket. Not only that the price is reasonable for a show jacket.

It is super trendy and like nothing I have ever seen in a riding jacket.  It has a big exaggerated collar and 5 buttons up the sleeves.  Mine is navy blue so the buttons are a rich gold.  It also has two buttons on the lower back where it pleats. I really like all the detailing and from the front to the back it gently slopes making it sit nicely on the hips and giving it a tailored, flattering look.

It is probably not for everyone one as it is a very fashion forward design.   But I love mine and would recommend it to everyone who dares to wear it!


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